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by Bishop Black

Welcome to the Pink Gym! The body can be shaped. What was perceived as a limit yesterday is already overcome today. We are changeable. And so are many norms. Dripping with sweat, we work on the body, the self and the community. Words and glances flicker between the machines and mirrors, brief greetings, advice and shouts of recognition. The world stays out; we go in and out. With queer confidence.

In B*romance by Bishop Black, four Black queer protagonists embark on a quest for self-determined Black identities and more fear-)free ways of relating. Because "masculinity" and "femininity" as patriarchal norms and "racial identity" as a white phantasmagoria are a burden. Weights that are detrimental to health; weights that human* beings no longer want to carry. Let's change the exercise! Because the real question is: what are the possibilities for Black queer people to shape closeness, touch, care, and solidarity? What images of self-determined identity do they develop, what relationships do they shape? And where? Welcome to the Pink Gym!

Bishop Black acted in the last years at Ballhaus Naunynstraße as performer* Permanente Beunruhigung (2017) and Your Devices (2018), as solo artist* in the multiple revived performance Becoming my body (2019) and as play director* of the production re-searching joy (2022) in the frame akademie der autodi-dakten. B*romance is Bishop Black's debut as a director.

  • director: Bishop Black
  • Assistant director: Chandrika Yogarajah
  • Lighting design: Emilio Cordero Checa
  • Sound design: Sky Deep
  • Video design: Asarela Orchidia Dewi
  • Stage: Marian Nketiah
  • Costume design: Mathieu Amadou
  • Makeup: Nuria del Lario
  • Dramaturgy: Julien Enzanz
Juan Carlos Cuadrado, Mandhla, Kody McCree, Daddypuss Rex

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