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Brigitte Grothum reads from “Never be silent”

The moving last interview by 96-year-old Esther Bejarano is a call: There must be no hatred between people, no intolerance and no xenophobia, no anti-Semitism and no racism.

Because she played the accordion in the Auschwitz girls' orchestra, she survived the concentration camp. She was then a forced laborer in the Ravensbrück concentration camp for two years. Towards the end of the Second World War she managed to escape on a death march. She later emigrated to Palestine and returned to Germany in 1960.

Esther Bejarano died in 2021 at the age of 96. Her greatest wish was that there would be many people who would keep the memory of the horrors of the Nazi era alive and take a decisive stand against any form of xenophobia - with this book she is contributing to this!

(Program in German)

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