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Bridge Markland - Faust In The Box - Mephisto
Bridge Markland - Faust In The Box - Mephisto © Dirk Holtkamp Endemann
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Bridge Markland: faust in the box

Goethe's Faust 1 for the pop music generation - a Collage of the edited play with popular music of different generations, performed as one-woman-show with handpuppets

In a spectacular show as a one-woman-performance with hand puppets and pop music
Bridge Markland conjures “Faust“ out of the box.

Brotfabrik Kino

Caligariplatz 1 13086  Berlin

She performs high speed changes between Mephisto, Faust and Margaret while using hand puppets as her opponents. Bridge Markland acts with intense physicality lip-syncing to the brilliant soundcollage of the voices of the various protagonists, plus compelling music. Well known quotations from this most renowned of German dramas are juxtaposed in English with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Rammstein, Robbie Williams, Metallica, Pink, Elvis, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Placebo and many other music artists. The classic play finds its contemporary equivalent in the sounds and lyrics of modern music and thus is opened up for many different generations. This “Faust“ interpretation is not a parody, but a modern method of dealing with a classic. At the same time it demonstrates parallels between different streams of popular culture. Audiences are amazed at how much the lyrics of a popsong have in common with a classic play. The central themes which occupy human beings remain the same. The piece carries the audiences to laughter and to tears as the storyline unfolds before them with humour, emotion, great sensibility and much grotesqueness. Bridge Markland performs “Faust“ in and out of a cardboard box. A simple, but very effective stage prop which changes it’s meaning according to the scene.Audience reactions demonstrate that this “Faust” interpretation impresses audiences from 15 to 90 years of age

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Teilnehmende Künstler
Johann Wolfgang von Goeth (Autor/in)
Bridge Markland
Heike Gäßler

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