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Bread Factory Easter Special!

Scientist Faust is looking for ultimate knowledge and fun in life. Then someone appears who can fulfil all his wishes: Mephisto! The catch? Faust has to sell him his soul. And granting wishes only works because Mephisto blatantly manipulates people, if necessary with drugs and magic.

Bridge Markland: Faust in the Box
Bridge Markland: Faust in the Box © Promo

"Further, further into ruin, we must live until we die", Rammstein singer Till Lindemann adds.

In this fast-paced one-woman+puppet full-playback show, Bridge Markland constantly switches between Mephisto, Faust and Gretchen. She plays additional characters with hand puppets. Goethe's lyrics are amplified with pop music quotes. Roy Orbison sings "Pretty Woman" when Faust sees Gretchen for the first time. Elvis heats up the inexperienced with "Falling in Love". Even the doctors' warnings don't help: "Men are pigs - don't trust them".

This love story does not have a happy ending, even with Bridge Markland, but it is a lot of fun. Not only does it conjure up a refreshing fist out of the box, it also delivers a new look at pop music history.

In an ingenious soundtrack, the famous lines of the most famous German play meet AC/DC, Die Ärzte, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Tim Fischer, Joy Division, Evelyn Künneke, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Madonna, Peter Maffay, Monty Python, Kylie Minogue, Roy Orbison, Pink, Placebo, Elvis Presley, Rammstein, Marika Rökk, The Rolling Stones, Seeed, Freddy Quinn, Grethe Weiser, Robbie Williams and many other musical artists.

This "Faust" production will delight audiences from 12 - 95 years old

  • Speakers: Thomas Nicolai, Ingo Volkmer, Heike Ulbrich, Viktor Pavel, Berit Bartuschka, Claudia Jakobshagen, Olaf Grolmes, Nadine Fratini, Dorice Arsenopoulou
  • Direction: Bridge Markland + Heike Gäßler.
  • Text + sound collage: Bridge Markland.
  • Sound design: Claus Buehler, Tom Hornig
(Program in German)

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Brotfabrik Kino
Brotfabrik Kino