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The well-known Hexenberg ensemble performs the two fairy tales The Bremen Town Musicians & Snow White in their usual grim interpretation.

Szene aus Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Szene aus Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten Daniel Wetzel

The Bremen Town Musicians

The world famous foursome who take the initiative to make more of their own lives because "you can find something better than death anywhere!" A fairy tale about an incredible success story. But, as is well known, there are four heroes, which could lead to entertaining difficulties with two actors per fairy tale - so the audience might have to help out sometimes, so that this fairy tale succeeds.

Snow White

Snow-white, blood-red and black like the soul of the step-queen... Falsehood, ill-will, vanity and beautiful murders, a tender child in the snow with seven dubious dwarfs: a turgid classic that spares us nothing. Fantastic as hardly ever, in this fairy tale chaotic poetry, grotesque absurdity and quirky monstrosity pushes into the twilight with untamed wildness and wants to make itself believable to us. Do not oversleep the most beautiful nightmare ever dreamed!

(Program in German)
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