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Immerse yourself in the world of photo books!

Renowned photo book expert Markus Schaden and curator Sophia Greiff will guide you through Daido Moriyama in a joint tour. Retrospective - this time with a special look at Moriyama's books, which play an important role in his work as an idiosyncratic street photographer. Schaden talks about his passion for bookmaking and publishing and shares his expertise on Moriyama's work.

Markus Schaden is one of the most important and respected experts in the photo book scene and his bookshop in Cologne enjoys an international reputation. In addition, he has been successfully organizing workshops for over ten years, in which he passes on his diverse knowledge of the production and design of photo books. An event through and through for photo book lovers.

Markus Schaden (*1965) is a bookseller and publisher. He founded Schaden Verlag in 1995 and the bookstore in 1998. As one of the first institutions in the world to specialize in photo books, he published more than 100 books there and organized over 250 events and exhibitions. He has been an appointed member of the German Society for Photography since 1998 and was its Vice President from 2005-2006. Since 2010 he has held teaching positions at the Academy for Media Art in Cologne, the FH Dortmund and is a lecturer at the LichtBlick School in Cologne. As an initiating founding member in 2014, he runs the PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne together with Frederic Lezmi.
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