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With a lecture by Dr. Vera Tollmann

On the occasion of the launch of the exhibition-accompanying publications Jenna Bliss and Carol Rhodes, Vera Tollmann will give insights into her research.

“The first media images of the earth were created as by-products of space travel. Today we use GPS signals every day and satellite images are part of the working material of secret services, scientists and artists. In addition to historical aspects, Vera Tollmann discusses images created at the interface of space travel, digital image culture, remote sensing and art in her latest publication View from Above: Powers of Ten and Image Politics of Verticality (2023, Spector). Generally speaking, the central perspective of art history has dissolved into a mesh-like network of scattered focal points, sensors and perspectives, and the visual material has multiplied exponentially.”

Vera Tollmann is a cultural scientist and lecturer in digital media. She lives in Berlin.

In German language.

The event will take place in the Gartensaal.

Admission is included in the exhibition ticket.

Max 60 participants due to limited seating capacity.

Additional information
Meeting point: Garden hall

Price info: Access to the book launch included in the exhibition ticket

Price: €8.00

Reduced price: €5.00