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Peter Pleyer

Threads that at first glance seem disconnected are woven together and knotted in the dance solo "book/kiss".

Peter Pleyer's ever-present interest in literature is linked to tracing his physical connection to what he reads. The experience of his body in water while bathing in forest lakes and rivers, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea finds correspondence in the texts of E. M. Foster, Peter Nadas, Marica Bodrozic and Tomasz Jedrowski. Another thread unfolds after the discovery of the abstract work of Otto Freundlich.

And through Peter's dance life, the thread running through is the insistence in dance on a release technique that is often misunderstood as "softly dancing around".

All these different threads are linked, always with the aim of making it easy. In this work, Kiss stands not only for love and gentle touch with the lips, but also for Keep It Simple.

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By and with Peter Pleyer