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The author in conversation with Sonja Finck. Lena Müller and Nouria Behloul will read (n German and French).

Diaty Diallo's debut novel portrays the social reality of France, which is marked by systematic racism and police violence. In her own slang-oriented style, she describes how the often deliberate failure of authorities and lawmakers gives space to racist behaviour and makes vivid the threat that blacks and Arabs in particular are exposed to on a daily basis at police stations, in street patrols and in the prison cells of the rough suburbs.

Issa is among them: he is outraged by the violence he is subjected to by the police. After a provocative confrontation, his friends have to pick him up from the station, beaten bloody. One disaster follows the next - until the air is on fire. 

Diallo's language is at times loud and harsh, undisguised and full of echoes, then again downright lyrical, precise and rhythmic, urgently denouncing the bloodthirsty hounding and harassment that takes place before everyone's eyes and taking it ad absurdum.

Diaty Diallo talks about this with three translators: Sonja Finck moderates, Lena Müller and Nouria Behloul read and discuss.

  • Diaty Diallo "Two Seconds of Burning Air", Association A 2023

An event in cooperation with the Institut français

Admission 8 € / reduced 5 € / Berlin-Ticket S 3 €