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The author in conversation with Sharmaine Lovegrove. In English with simultaneous German translation by Lilian-Astrid Geese. The German texts will be read by Sina Martens.

Deborah Levy, as in her well-known living autobiography, is always on the lookout for the "missing female characters". In "Augustblau" she creates unruly and endearing figures who self-determinedly elude themselves, only to reappear and tell their stories themselves.
Deborah Levy talks about this with her publisher and confidante Sharmaine Lovegrove.

Elsa M. Anderson is a famous concert pianist. But when she is supposed to play Rachmaninoff's "Piano Concerto No. 2" in Vienna, she screws up. She leaves the stage, and her identity as a child prodigy becomes unsteady in one fell swoop.

Three weeks later, at a flea market in Athens, she observes a woman buying two mechanical dancing horses. Elsa feels a strange connection with the stranger and thinks she is her double. But the woman is not willing to be made into an alter ego without resistance and runs away from Elsa.

But Elsa still tries to compose a new self for herself: With the help of students, sweethearts, mothers and her piano teacher, she sets out to write a new story.

Admission 8 € / reduced 5 € / Berlin-Ticket S 3 €