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America, Russia, and the True Story of NATO's Eastward Expansion by Mary Elise Sarotte

in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving a power vacuum in Eastern Europe. Faced with increasing unrest in the post-Soviet space, especially in Russia, the former Warsaw Pact states sought security. The U.S. and Western Europe faced a dilemma.

Should they admit the East Central Europeans into NATO - despite conflicting Russian interests - and thus incur Russia's resentment? Or should they leave them in their intermediate zone so as not to jeopardize relations with Moscow? In the end, the West chose the first option. In her book, now published in German, Mary Elise Sarotte analyzes how this came about and whether there was really no alternative to NATO's eastward expansion on the basis of previously unknown archival sources. The often speculative public discussion is thus given a clear factual basis.

The author will present her book in conversation with Tim Geiger, Jürgen Lillteicher and Hermann Wentker.

A joint event of the Allied Museum, the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin and the Berlin Cold War College.

Please register by September 15 at the latest by e-mail at or by phone at 030/ 81819996.

(Program in German)
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Booking: Registration by September 15 at the latest is requested by e-mail at or by phone at 030/ 81819996.