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Cheering concert-goers, great reviews and sold-out shows. The blonde with the distinctive grating voice always gets plenty of praise for her impressive stage performance. This motto was chosen for Bonnie Tyler's indoor tour in 2023 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of her worldwide success "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". This song took the international charts by storm and has sold over nine million worldwide.

The epic power ballad serves as a showcase in which the blonde singer shines with the unmistakable raspy voice. During her concerts, Bonnie also ignites an impressive firework of hits - from her first chart success "Lost In France" (1975) to the world hit "It's A Heartache" to "Holding Out For A Hero", "If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)", "Loving You Is A Dirty Job" and tracks from her 2021 CD "The Best Is Yet To Come".

The Welsh musician has received impressive accolades including Grammy nominations for Best Pop Singer and Best Rock Musician, RSH Gold Award, Echo and Golden Europe for Most Successful Female Artist. But since the beginning of her career, her true domain has been her stage presence. For this reason it is always worthwhile to experience this rock voice, who often appears on television, up close at one of her concerts.

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