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Björnsson / Marx

Who the fuck is Bodo? Bodo is 59, has no musical training, can’t read music and barely passed the subject music at the Polytechnische Oberschule with a D. In 2014, Bodo completed his third album, on which he composed all the tracks himself.

Using the computer software GarageBand, he recorded the part of each instrument note by note over a period of seven years and then edited each note until it sounded exactly the way he wanted it to.

Based on Bodo’s music and story, the musicians and performers Thorbjörn Björnsson, Daniel Dorsch, Michael Hoppe, Sabrina Ma and Laura Robles explore dilettantism as a creative force and aesthetic strategy. The album “North End”, which Bodo composed under the artist name Porridge, serves as their musical material. What happens when “professional” musicians meet “dilettantish” music? What frictions, what synergies and associations can arise?

In a world full of experts, this music theatre evening wants to take up the cudgels for the dilettante who has the courage to be creative on his or her own initiative, crossing professional and genre boundaries.

Since 2018, Thorbjörn Björnsson and Julia Marx have been forming the music theater duo Björnsson / Marx. Together they develop music theater pieces whose themes often move at the interface between the everyday and the existential, the intimate and the abstract.

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Additional information
Direction, performance Thorbjörn Björnsson

Text, dramaturgy Julia Marx

Percussion, performance Sabrina Ma

Bass, cajón, performance Laura Robles

Electronics, performance Daniel Dorsch

Piano, performance Michael Hoppe

Stage, costumes Björnsson / Marx

Light Henning Streck

Collaboration light, stage and costumes Katri Salomieni

Sound Jonas Albani

Technical direction Fabian Eichner

A production by Björnsson / Marx in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds of the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien within the frames of NEUSTART KULTUR and the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur.