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Participatory Performance with Marlen Pflueger and Yasmina Lammler

The performance project Bodies of Care, a collaboration of young choreographers from Indonesia and Germany, invites the audience to a participatory exploration of the relationship between care and choreography. From June to September 2021, the choreographers worked together in a digital workshop series and explored questions of care in their own contexts as well as in form of a shared dialogue.

KEY VISUAL Sophiensæle
KEY VISUAL Sophiensæle © Promo

Together with the audience, the choreographers Eva Borrmann, Izabella Maria Herzfeld, Marlen Pflueger and Yasmina Lammler will perform their audio instruction performances Togetherness and The Skin Creature – which were created during the workshops – in the Sophiensæle courtyard. They will also talk in more depth about the Bodies of Care project and share their experiences with the audience.  Bodies of Care – Norrm Radio 

(program in English)
Additional information
The Skin Creature is a joint production by Marlen Pflueger, Yasmina Lammler and Abdul Hadi.