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The renowned Flintstones Big Band plays under the direction of Daniel Busch for a brilliant start. The 20-member large formation with its vocal soloists Anna Busch & Juanita Olaya has been an integral part of the popular festival for many years and takes the audience into the world of blues and soul with their energetic performance and their uniquely fat big band sound.

It's hard to believe, but the preparatory musical training (SVA-Musical) under the inspiring leadership of Marco A. Billep and Bijan Azadian has only just welcomed the new year, and the students are already experiencing a musical journey in a class of their own. This time they are accompanied by the rousing Flintstones Big Band.

They proudly present some outstanding talents from this department:
Paloma Leona Fankhauser – Isabella Kanini Fischer – Frida Mathilda Flor – Elwin Hoffmann – Hendrik Krah – Sophie Rosenitsch – Amelie Spielmann – Ellen Catalin Sternal – Vivian Zemanek

At the highlight of the evening, the funk & soul band Capital B is on stage and, with its lead singer Juliane Gabriel and a three-piece brass section, offers crisp 70s soul classics and fresh funk music from today.
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