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The American gospel group THE BLACK GOSPEL ANGELS was founded in 2015 by Lady Rose Watson. The Black Gospel Angels are one of the best touring gospel groups in the world. Their great love for music and deep faith in God combine to create musical masterpieces for their large audiences around the world. The BLACK GOSPEL ANGELS inspire their audiences with each and every one of their songs. Following the tremendous success of their tours, the dynamic team led by Lady Rose Watson is well on its way to establishing itself as one of the best-selling shows in Europe.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

The global appeal of this dynamic group is evident in the fact that the normally quieter European audiences at their concerts eventually stand up, continuously clapping, stomping their feet and cheering loudly to express their inner enthusiasm. With a soulful blend of traditional gospel music and contemporary rhythms and beats, as well as classic blues and jazz sounds, Lady Rose Watson and the Black Gospel Angels have created a spectacular show that leaves audiences wanting more.

Lady Rose Watson and the Black Gospel Angels are already looking forward to bringing their dynamic, energetic gospel concert to Berlin. With unique rhythm, style and stirring a cappella songs - keeping the audience on their feet and asking for more - Lady Rose Watson and the soulful voices of the Black Gospel Angels are ready to inspire the masses and bring them closer to the spirit of gospel music.

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