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DIRECTOR: Herr Kürmann, where would you like to start again?
KÜRMANN: When the clock strikes two. Who hasn’t ever wanted to turn back the clock and start over again?

In Max Frisch’s Biography: A Game , the main character Hannes Kürmann gets the chance to do just that. First and foremost, Kürmann wants to avoid his first encounter with Antoinette, the woman who became his wife and with whom he’s spent the last 7 years. Kürmann makes several attempts to prevent this pivotal incident in his biography from occurring.

But where do they lead him? What would his life have been like without Antoinette? Can he use the benefit of hindsight to better his life, or do old habits die hard when it comes to behavioural patterns and emotional entanglements?

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Additional information
by Max FrischDirector: Bastian Kraft
Participating artists
Bastian Kraft (Regie)
Peter Baur (Bühne)
Karin Rosemann (Kostüme)
Björn SC Deigner (Musik)
Peter Baur (Video)
Ulrich Beck (Dramaturgie)
Hans Löw (Hannes Kürmann)
Maren Eggert (Spielleiterin/Antoinette Stein)
Helmut Mooshammer (Spielleiter)