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Who would not want that? Stop your life once, start over and change your biography. “Where, Mr. Kürmann, would you like to start again in order to change your biography?” The main character Hannes Kürmann in Max Frisch’s drama is offered this opportunity.

For Kürmann, the first encounter with his wife Antoinette in particular seems to be a central moment in his biography, which in retrospect he would have liked to have avoided. He tries several times to avoid meeting the woman with whom he has spent the last seven years. But where does this attempt lead Kürmann? What would his life have been like without Antoinette? Looking back, can he optimize his life? Or does he get stuck in familiar behavior patterns and entanglements?

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Additional information
Participating artists
Max Frisch (Autor/in)
Hans Löw (Hannes Kürmann)
Maren Eggert (Spielleiterin / Antoinette Stein)
Helmut Mooshammer (Spielleiter)