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Special Guests: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls+, Johnossi°, Pabst^

Billy Talent were not alone, but they were responsible for the worldwide triumph of the punk revival at the beginning of the millennium. But fans of Canada's most successful punk and alternative rock band had to wait a whole six years for new songs. The sixth Billy Talent album "Crisis of Faith" immediately climbed to the top of the charts in Germany and Canada. The quartet proves on its worldwide tours that it is one of the best live bands in modern rock music, turning every concert into a happening of pure energy and unconditional passion.

Billy Talent
Billy Talent Dustin Rabin

The fact that the Canadians climb the charts with every new album and even have a permanent subscription to the top position in their home country and in Germany is something they have really earned. The three new singles "Reckless Paradise", "I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better)" and "End of Me" also reached number 1 in the German and Canadian airplay charts and were streamed over 50 million times even before the album was released.

The four high school buddies Benjamin Kowalewicz (vocals), Ian D'Sa (guitar), Jonathan Gallant (bass) and Aaron Solowoniuk, who formed the Billy Talent predecessor "Pezz" in 1993, wanted to make music that was missing from their radio at the time.  Punk and alternative rock somewhere between Foo Fighters and Refused, Buzzcocks and The Offspring.

After renaming the band project Billy Talent in 1999, they found their musical home between melodic punk, loud post-hardcore and driving alternative rock. Their first single, released in 2003, set the standard for everything that was to follow in the next two decades: "Try Honesty".
decades to follow: "Try Honesty". The simply titled "Billy Talent" debut convinced critics and fans scenes and remained in countless annual best lists of magazines and radios. This helped the band not only to a rapidly growing, but also rare heterogeneous fan base, which catapulted them from newcomer to the headliner positions of the biggest international rock festivals within a few years.

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