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Another year has passed and the great summer festival of the music school on the grounds of the Schloss & Gutshof Britz is just around the corner:

On a total of 6 stages and with workshops and taster lessons in the rooms of our site Gutshaus Britz, our students and their teachers put together a colourful musical program through all genres and age groups.

Whether beginners, advanced students or teaching professionals - everyone is there.

New this year is the Black Box, in which various short films about the work of the music school are presented every hour.

The other Schloss & Gutshof actors also open their doors:

  • Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz with the historical rooms of the Gründerzeit in the castle and changing exhibitions
  • Museum Neukölln with Neukölln history and thematic exhibitions
  • U.S.E. gGmbH with animal husbandry on the farm
  • Castle restaurant Hotel Estrel with a stand in front of the Ochsenstall
  • Restaurant Buchholz Gutshof Britz with garden

In addition to the numerous musical contributions, a colourful program for listening, experiencing, participating and lingering awaits you on the entire manor, in the castle and all buildings of the estate.

And of course also this year in the middle of the farm attract various stalls with their culinary offerings.
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Admission is free