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New comics from Le Monde diplomatique

Since 2005, the German edition of Le Monde diplomatique has always published a comic on the back cover. Well-known illustrators and comic artists have designed remarkable contributions. Comics are shown here that take an unpredictable, often absurd and sometimes melancholic look at politics, everyday life and culture.

The works move hard at the interface between high art and trivial culture, which has become the trademark of postmodern fine arts. Stylistic eclecticism, an almost excessive use of quotations of all kinds, but above all the irreverently free handling of the diverse graphic possibilities of the present are the essential elements of her contemporary picture and story production, which clearly has no reservations with the fascination of the trivial world of comics knows more.

With the exhibition, the German edition of Le Monde diplomatique is celebrating the publication of its fourth volume of comics. In cooperation with Karoline Bofinger, who is responsible for the comic page, the Berlin publishing house Reprodukt has compiled the contributions of 50 international artists.

Accompanying the exhibition there are readings, workshops, book signings, book presentations and much more.

Works by 50 national and international artists will be shown:

Anouk Ricard (France), Oskars Pavlovskis (Latvia), Daniel Lima (Portugal), Marlene Krause (Germany), Daniele Melarancio (Italy), Adam Graff (England), Antonia Kühn (Germany), Vivianna Maria Stanislavska (Latvia), Marcus Gruber (Germany), Alexander Utkin (Russia), Tom Scioli (USA), Zane Zlemeša (Latvia), Maria Medem (Spain), Konstantin Potapov (Russia), Alexander Robyn (Belgium), Frank Diersch (Germany), Mawil (Germany ), Jayde Perkin (England), Nando von Arb (Switzerland), Richard Sala (USA), Jérémie Moreau (France), James Turek (USA), Moritz Götze (Germany), Lote Vilma Vītiņa (Latvia), Tommi Parrish (Australia ), Kitty Kahane (Germany), Till Lukat (Germany), Lucas Harari (France), Alexis Deacon (England), Leonard Riegel (Germany), Emil Friis Ernst (Denmark), Diane Obomsawin (Canada), Motohiro Hayakawa (Japan) , Paula Kempker (Germany), Sam Timmerman (Belgium), Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns (Latvia), Merwan (France), Lee Lai (Australia), Mia Oberländer (Germany), Martin Heynen (Switzerland), Julia Kluge (Germany), Simon Ecary (France), Margaux Meissonnier (France), Helene Jespagnard (Belgium), Teddy Goldenberg (Israel), Daniel Lupu (Romania), Marco Quadri (Italy), Zuzu (Italy), Gabri Molist (Spain) and Ana Galvan (Spain)