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Cultural Summer Festival Berlin 2023

A big band evening with songs by Bertolt Brecht and music by Hanns Eisler and Kurt Weill.

In addition to the large and small productions of Brecht's plays, song recitals in which various directors tried their hand at Brecht's lyrical and musical legacy in more intimate formats and with new ideas have been a regular feature of the programme at the Berliner Ensemble since the early 1960s.

Shortly after Brecht's 125th birthday, ensemble members Tilo Nest and Constanze Becker are now giving a concert with the 17-member Fine Arts Big Band in this very tradition of song recitals at the Berliner Ensemble with some of the most important and catchiest songs from Brecht's working cosmos - in completely new big band arrangements.

  • Director/Artist: Berliner Ensemble
  • With: Constanze Becker, Tilo Nest and the Fine Arts Big Band (live music)
  • Arrangements: Ferdinand von Seebach, Stephan Genze

Date: Tuesday, 29.08.2023
Time: 20:00

Location: Open-air stage Weißensee
                 Große Seestraße 10, 13086 Berlin

Free admission
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