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The Beyond Borders collective invites you to a street party on Spreewaldplatz in the spirit of civilian sea rescue and safe escape routes.

Lectures, hands-on activities, the vegan soli cuisine of Bantabaa Food Dealer and a rivet-free raffle for young and old - a diverse family-friendly programme invites visitors to stand up together for safe escape routes and open borders. The proceeds from the raffle will go to the sea rescue collective r42-sailandrescue.

In addition to information, the street festival offers an extensive cultural programme. Rappers Nia 2161, Sara ATH, Refpolk and Mo Zaman (via Stream) will provide musical highlights. Those who want to get creative themselves are welcome to join the children's painting and screen-printing stations from 2 pm.

Beyond Borders is intended to offer a platform to collectives and projects that are working in a self-organised and non-profit way at Europe's external borders and in the central Mediterranean against the murder of thousands on a daily basis. Also represented are groups and organisations that in turn work domestically on fundraising and infrastructures to support refugees as sustainably and effectively as possible in a direct and unbureaucratic way.

Beyond Borders welcomes the following collectives, among others:
No Nation Truck, Refugees Emancipation, Art Action Soli, r42-sailandrescue, WISH Women in Solidarity House, LGBTQ+ Lesvos Solidarity, No Name Kitchen, No Border Medics, BOAT Art/Theatre Center Athens, Yoga & Sport With Refugees, Borderline Europe, Women in Exile & Friends und Togo Action Plus.
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Opening hours:
11am until 9om