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Tegel offers a diverse backdrop - a lively city, rich culture, but also green oases and water. But what happens when these elements are connected and the desk is simply placed in an idyllic meadow to write outside?

Poets have always been inspired by nature. And you too can bathe your thoughts on paper between the big city and the green, stroll through nature with a pen and let your ideas drift with a view of the Tegler Fliess. What goals will you achieve? What experiences will you have?

In the writing workshop on the Seewiese you can be supported by creative writing suggestions and write your own texts with nature as the theme. All forms of writing are welcome and no prior experience is required. The only thing that counts is the joy of writing and the desire to be inspired by the environment. Let everyone capture the magic of nature in texts and let creativity unfold in the open air.
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