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Whether it’s looking in the window of a toy shop or watching a cat in the grass of a flowering meadow, Bettina thinks lots of things are exciting on her way home. She likes to forget the time and the fact that her mum is waiting for her at home. One day, her mother goes out. Bettina waits for her. The hands of the clock barely turn. She begins to worry more and more that something might have happened to her mum...

Szene aus Bettina bummelt
Szene aus Bettina bummelt © Promo

Bettina bummelt

Just how slowly can someone dawdle? And if you’re waiting impatiently, how can you move? “Bettina bummelt” is a story about our own speed and the speed that we share with others. The Two Fish dance company was founded by Martin Clausen and Angela Schubot. Ever since 2001, it has been an active part of Berlin’s independent scene, working on various formats in dance, theatre and performance.

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Performance Martin Clausen, Rafał Dziemidok, Mario und Christian Schulte Artistic collaboration Angela Schubot, Peter Trabner Stage design, costumes Florent Martin Dramaturgy Amelie Mallmann Co-production with Tanzhaus NRW, Theater an der Parkaue