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showing by Martin Clausen and Rafał Dziemidok

The starting point of the play is the (inevitable) death of one's father. A shared past ceases to be shared and becomes entirely our responsibility. Two dancer-performers work their way dance-wise to connect and/or translate both parameters with the help of a Bach cantata as temporal orientation and a structured space. Spiritual questions also flow through the individual elements into the structure of this artistic setting, which connects the personal with the abstract, the past with one's own future.

But "bestseller" is also a questioning of humour. Why is something funny and when? Is humour a survival technique, a way of dealing with, forgiving or overcoming situations? How simple or complicated can it be, can we be? In an attempt to encounter each other in a universal field of humour, encounters as well as cultural and intergenerational collisions and incompatibilities will be interesting.The showing is a first audience contact for Martin Clausen and Rafał Dziemidok with the material that will premiere in a first version in Warsaw in autumn '23.

Martin Clausen

Martin Clausen (*1973) studied cultural and theatre studies at Humboldt University and trained as an Alexander Technique teacher. With his companies "TWO FISH" (2000-2012) and "Martin Clausen und Kollegen" (2013-2019) he has performed at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensaele, Theater an der Parkaue and site specific. Since 2014 he has worked regularly at the inclusive theatre Thikwa. He has performed with various collectives and independent groups and teaches at several art colleges.

Rafał Dziemidok

Rafał Dziemidok - born 1971, since 1997 independent dancer, actor, choreographer, theatre director, improvisation trainer for theatre, opera and film and is co-founder of KONCENTRAT Artistic Group (since 2005) He lives in Berlin since 2012. The focus of his work is practice-oriented research at the interface of improvisation and composition and urban space as a mourning space.

This event is sponsored by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

  • By: Clausen/Dziemidok (DE/PL)
  • Choreografie: Rafał Dziemidok
  • Performance: Martin Clausen, Rafał Dziemidok

Reservation at: // 030 120 86 03 58
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