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The Museum für Kommunikation Berlin presents the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards. The special exhibition "Best Brands & Communication Design - Red Dot Winners Selection 2023" presents current developments in international communication design.

Exhibited at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin until January 14, 2024 are the projects that received the highest awards in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023.

Focus on outstanding creative achievements

On the basis of various criteria and their professional focus, the 24 experts who make up the Red Dot jury decided which participants met the high standards required for an award in the design competition.

In the process, it became apparent what is currently driving and preoccupying designers around the world: Designing and communicating information in a targeted manner is understood to be just as much a creative driving force as sustainability and design that is as inclusive as possible. The breadth of all design disciplines once again shows the fantastic tools and products that have been created to meet such challenges.

Insights into the winning works

The best works from the 2023 competition will be on display in a special exhibition at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin. Visitors can marvel at the various facets of outstanding communication design here until January 14, 2024.

On display will be projects ranging from books and games to commercials, posters, apps and packaging designs. Among them is the project "Voices from the Frontlines" by the Dutch agency CLEVER°FRANKE. The microsite is a visual treatment of a UNICEF research project that focused on climate mobility in Africa. The packaging series for the patisserie Gloria from Greece, on the other hand, is inspired by fairy tales. The illustrations on the packaging are a surreal tour through a whimsical world full of treats, evoking emotions and good humor. On the occasion of its move to the new House of Communication, the SERVICEPLAN agency from Germany developed a typographic orientation system in collaboration with Andreas Uebele and his team. The resulting font "Service" is intended to reflect the agency's agility, flexibility and interdisciplinarity.

"Best Brands & Communication Design - Red Dot Winners Selection 2023."

An exhibition of the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin in cooperation with the Red Dot Design Museum Essen.

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