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To Ingo, the Berlin Wall is anything but a blink of an eye. Born in 1961, on the day of the wall building, the construction of the "anti-fascist protective wall" will determine his entire life.

#BerlinBerlin - Von Mauern und Menschen
#BerlinBerlin - Von Mauern und Menschen © Jörg Metzner

He waits in vain for his father, because he has been living with a new family in West Berlin for a long time, his mother is silent and repressed, and his home country is still stonewalling itself. But when the "staying here" for Ingo no longer works and he is finally allowed to "cross over", quite legally by applying for an exit, the 9th of November?

89 is and the wall is suddenly gone. A family history reminds us of Berlin, which still has two sides and a past that is not yet over. Humorous, direct and musical! Four playwrights from East and West, born before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, write in a collective process about life in a divided city. On the traces of untold stories, real and symbolic walls of the present and the future emerge.

(Program in German - With English surtitles)

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From 18.10.2018 the piece #BerlinBerlin will be supertitled and is therefore also suitable for international groups.

Educational Services
Participating artists
Wolfgang Böhmer (Musikalische Leitung)
Stephanie Dorn (Kostüm)
Holger Kuhla (Dramaturgie)
Fred Pommerehn (Bühnenbild)
Janina Reinsbach (Regieassistenz)
Caroline Schließmann (Theaterpädagogik)
Jörg Steinberg (Regie)
Sina Ahlers (Autor/in)
Uta Bierbaum (Autor/in)
Günter Jankowiak (Autor/in)
Jörg Steinberg (Autor/in)
Beate Fischer
Oliver Moritz
Justus Verdenhalven
Nora Decker
Sabrina Frank
Sven Scheele
Schloss & Gutshof Britz