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The "Berlin Tea Conference," part of the Berlin Tea Festival, will take place on November 17, 2023 at the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Under the motto "From Tradition to Innovation: New Horizons in the World of Tea", we offer a wide range of topics that will shape the tea industry in Germany and Europe in 2023.

From market analyses and innovative production processes to trends and challenges, we will cover the entire spectrum of the tea industry.

A look at the presentations:
  • Analysis: The German/European tea market in 2023
  • B2B: 7 growth levers for more sales and profit in the tea business, The USP and the development of Paper & Tea
  • Hit of Origin: A journey to the rock teas of Wuyi Shan in Fujian, China, an exploration of Oolong tea in Taiwan, and innovative specialty teas from Malawi
  • Stories, research and craftsmanship
  • Trends and innovations: Edible, fermented tea from Myanmar
  • Tea knowledge: Linking herbalism and tea, flavors and benefits.
  • Panel discussion: The challenges of organic tea cultivation worldwide
The aim of the Berlin Tea Conference is to provide industry insiders with comprehensive insights, inspiration and networking opportunities to shape the future of tea together.
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