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18th Berlin Railway Festival at the Schöneweide depot

The historic Schöneweide depot will open its doors and celebrate the 18th Berlin Railway Festival with young and old railway fans and their families.

The Dampflokfreunde Berlin e.V. will be exhibiting more than 30 locomotives and carriages, including steam locomotives of the 50, 52 and 74 series. Modern diesel and electric locomotives will also be on display. The water tower from 1906 will be presented in a freshly renovated state. Plans for the renovation of other buildings and facilities of the railway depot from 1906 have taken shape and will be vividly presented. A steam train with historic carriages departs directly from the festival site for one-and-a-half-hour round trips through Berlin.

Everyone can take the driver's place and have a look at the locomotive boilers or the huge engines of the modern locomotives. If you prefer to watch the driver at work, you can take a ride in the driver's cab of a diesel or steam locomotive. On a tour of the large locomotive shed, visitors learn all about the locomotive workshop from grandfather's time. Among other things, they can currently see the refurbishment of an express train wagon from 1937 and the restoration of a steam locomotive that has not been under steam for around 35 years. For children, a light railway runs through the grounds - the bouncy castle invites them to let off steam. In the historic dining car and in the beer garden you can enjoy home cooking and grilled delicacies.
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