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The Berlin Press Ball invites you to an evening in a glamorous atmosphere at the Mercure Hotel Moa Berlin on 27 January 2024.

Exclusive. Glamorous. Unforgettable.

Celebrities, socialites and influential personalities will gather in January 2024 together with guests from all over the world. At the same time, the Press Ball is also a ball of interculturalism, artists and writers who give this evening its special flair.

This ball offers guests the opportunity to be welcomed on the red carpet and make valuable contacts, have inspiring conversations or discover new business opportunities.

A horizon-expanding evening with performances that enchant.

Breathtaking live performances by international artists such as Thomas Anders and Noble Composition offer guests a special evening programme. The stage thus becomes the epicentre of entertainment.

Delicacies from renowned top chefs provide culinary delights, accompanied by exquisite wines and refreshing cocktails to indulge the senses.

Various lounge areas also invite you to taste, marvel and enjoy, including the Relax Lounge with high-end massage chairs or the Casino Lounge. In addition, donations collected in a raffle will be donated to "Colibri e. V.".

At midnight, the party continues in the disco until the early hours of the morning!

The Presseball Berlin honours freedom of expression and freedom of the press and contributes to international understanding in Europe. Since 1872, the Presseball, which was founded as a charity event in aid of journalists in need, has been one of the most important meeting platforms for personalities from the international media world, from business, culture, politics, sports, PR, advertising and communication.
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