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How do people become verschollen, lost, like library books? The great-grandfather of Oregon Book Award-winning playwright Andrea Stolowitz kept a journal for his descendants after escaping to New York City in 1939 as a German Jew.

Following the complicated lure of genealogy, Stolowitz goes back to Berlin to bring the story of her unknown ancestors out of the archives into the light. The record keeps as many secrets as it shares.

(Program in English)

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Additional information
This production is fully funded thanks a generous grant from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.
Participating artists
Rebecca Benoit (Regiehospitantin)
Sophie Bon (Regiehospitantin)
Daniel Brunet (Regie)
Juliette Catelle (Asistenz Licht und Bühnendesign)
Jenny Eyer (Board)
Carrie Getman (Schauspiel)
John Julian (Schauspiel)
Isabelle Kaiser (Bühnen und Kostümdesign)
Thorsten Litschko (Technische Leitung)
Christian Maith (Lichtdesign)
Stefania Migliorati (Fotografie)
Franziska Müller (Schneiderin)
Rose Nolan (Regie Assistenz & Stage Management)
Andrea Stolowitz (Text)
Jake Witlen (Videodesign)