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Benjamin Clementine is back! In the fall of 2022, his third studio album "And I Have Been" was released with twelve word and voice powerful songs that can be grasped more through Clementine's personality than through pure genre pigeonholes. With his unique blend of passionate piano playing, profound lyrics and devoted delivery, Benjamin Clementine has been called one of the world's greatest musical geniuses.


Clementine sounds as if Ray Charles has risen to sing to a song by Chilly Gonzales. His deep and warm soul voice adds that special something to Clementine's graceful piano ballads.

The Ghanaian-born Brit has built an amazing career, thrilling audiences in small live clubs as well as large concert halls. Benjamin Clementine captivates the audience with even the softest words and piano strokes.

His debut album "Cornerstone" already received all the praise in the media, but live the London native shows his potential even more impressively. The first impressions of his new tracks testify that Benjamin Clementine wants to charm a lot more fans.

"I've been lonely", he sang in his first single "Cornerstone" and one can figuratively imagine how he once made the passers-by of the Paris Metro pause and marvel with this song. That's exactly where the Parisian by choice was discovered.

That was around 2014, when his first songs "Condolence" or "Cornerstone" appeared: His voice had soul, his piano playing was jazzy, his live school were the streets of Paris, where Clementine lived for a while, homeless, and even then impressed many people.

After the albums "At Least For Now" (awarded the Mercury Prize in 2014) and the also acclaimed "I Tell A Fly", Clementie has now set up completely self-sufficient for "And I Have Been": The record comes on his own label, Preserve Artists, and was written, produced and recorded entirely by him.

Benjamin Clementine explained in a statement about the record, "'And I Have Been' was brought into the world during Covid. Like everyone, I was faced with many lessons, complications and enlightenments that had to do with sharing my journey with someone special."

Benjamin Clementine is more than just a talented singer-songwriter!
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