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Harald Stoffers' letters can be viewed from various points of view. Everyday notes are recorded in a conceptual process like notes on music paper. The result of a psychophysical act is stretched out in a coherent surface that can be understood as Stoffers' material signature. It combines visual and significant features of an individual language within the framework of a game designed according to its own rules, to which recipients can connect, ponder rules at their own discretion, and thus experience a reflection on the use and regulation of language. Designed in different places, the letter as notebook and calendar connects spatial and temporal modes: a model of Stoffer's history. (Peter Heidenwag)

Ausstellung - Schriftzug mehrsprachig
Ausstellung - Schriftzug mehrsprachig © visitBerlin, Grafik: Mona Schäfer
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Since 2019, Galerie Kulturhaus has been pursuing an inclusive focus and showing works by Outsider Artists. Outsider Artists are artists with mental, psychological or physical impairments. On the approximately 100 square meters of exhibition space, you will see works that are often characterized by an unconventional visual language. Works that often convince with unbroken imagination, great urgency and persuasiveness and that have retained a very special stubbornness almost untouched by the trends of contemporary art development.