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Soon it will be buzzing and humming in the children's museum under the roof! From the majestic queen to the amorous drone and loving worker - in the new special exhibition, children from the age of six can slip into different roles and immerse themselves in the unique world of insects:

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Eine Biene fliegt unterm Dach!
© Alexandra Grandjaques / museeon

Using the senses of bees to search for scents, collect pollen for the winter, pollinate flowers... there is a lot to do and discover! For example, young and old guests can learn why bees are the very best at pollinating, how to dance their way to their favorite flower, why the work of bees is indispensable and how to protect them from danger.

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, the Lichtenrade Beekeepers' Association will also be a guest, providing special insights into the life of bees and beekeeping. At the colorful, free hands-on program, a home for bees can be made - and a bee for home! There will also be a sweet surprise to taste. So stop by and join in the fun!