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COHEN‘S CLUB - The Booksoiree

Every month, the writer and cultural journalist Ute Cohen invites a prominent literary guest to talk to him/her about the latest work. An audience who appreciates art can look forward to a rousing reading and stimulating discussions.

Host Dr. Ute Cohen is a renowned writer and cultural journalist whose interviews are regularly published in leading newspapers and magazines. Cohen has experience with leading American management consultancies and worked for UNESCO in Paris.

This month's guest is Bazon Brock, a renowned German art theorist, emeritus professor of aesthetics and cultural mediation at the University of Wuppertal and representative of the Fluxus movement. Brock trained in dramaturgy, studied German, philosophy and political science and worked as a lecturer and visiting professor at various universities and colleges. He was involved in various actions and happenings with artists such as Hundertwasser, Beuys and Vostell. From 2011 to 2019 he headed the think tank with the “Office for Working on Unsolvable Problems”. Since its closure, the Denkerei has mobilized and organized events in various locations.
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