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A solo piece with Karolina Miłkowska-Prorok

“Baszert. The Girl from Nowolipki” is a monodrama based on two authentic characters: Ola and Ida. Actress Karolina Miłkowska-Prorok from the Osterwa Theater in Gorzow plays two women, Ola and Ida, who are separated by everything but connected by fate and by an address: Nowolipki, Warsaw, where in 1942 documents from the underground archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, the so-called Ringelblum archive, were buried.

Born 35 years after the war, Ola, who is in charge of coordinating efforts to build the Ringelblum Archive memorial in Warsaw on Nowolipki Street, discovers another valuable collection - a personal memory archive related to the life of Ida ( née Rosenberg) who lived at Nowolipki Street 68 before the war. This “treasure”, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was buried here. Ola slowly transforms into Ida to bring her memories to life.

What is hidden in this second “archive” in which little Ida immortalized memories of people and places? The piece is a tribute to all those whose lives were taken by the war but who are still alive in the memory archive. It is our duty to pass this absence list on from generation to generation so that it is never forgotten.

(Polish with German subtitles)
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Participating artists
Daria Anfelii
Iwona Kusiak
Aleksandra Engler-Malinowska
Paweł Paluch
Marlena Stachowczyk
Witold Jurewicz
Marlena Bełdzikowska
Andreas Visser