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basta manage to capture the big questions of life in entertaining, musical gems and inspire with them.

basta - Eure liebsten Lieder
basta - Eure liebsten Lieder © basta

The new program is called "Eure liebsten Lieder" ("Your Favorite Songs"): For more than 20 years, the five singers have been providing their enthusiastic fans with ever new favorite songs. And now the loyal as well as the new audience may choose their very favorite songs from these - request concert every evening!

Hits like the break-up classic "Bindungsangst" or the office shanty "Cut, copy & Paste" or the "Reggaeton im Altersheim" make any resistance pretty useless, even in terms of singing along. And first come, first served, that applies not only to out-of-stock tickets, but also to the co-creation of the concert evening. Even if the applause meter will be turned on night after night to hold spontaneous primal elections, the chance of creative co-determination increases if you give the band input via Instagram and Facebook. Polls are already running, so hurry!

Ticket phone: 030 - 333 40 22

This event will take place subject to the current requirements of the state of Berlin. Tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded in case of cancellation.

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