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Heinz, a retired teacher, looks closely. He wants to see the world in every detail, look behind facades, recognize the truth. Paul, who works in television, travels to the locations where the really important things happen. The conclusions that the two men draw from their research could not be more different; in fact, they contradict each other diametrically.

The problem is: Heinz is Paul's father, Paul is Heinz's son. And after failed attempts, dialogue no longer seems possible. If it weren't for this brilliant invention: The smallest unit of information made up of 1/0 or true/false, i.e. a bit. And suddenly what previously seemed impossible is very easy: insights into current political events from biographical experiences against the background of German history, from family secrets and unspoken feelings, entangled in a large digital network.

THE BARKING OF THE DOGS takes a look into the future. What seems so far away is actually so obvious: a scenario that hits right at the heart of the German family heart. It could look something like this: the struggle for mutual understanding, the repeated failure but not giving up and finally the search for the right means for the necessary end. The piece, oscillating somewhere between utopia and dystopia, asks about the core of it all, about what is true, what is essential when one penetrates the tangle of opinions, accusations, and injuries. What can be found there?

The premiere of THE BARKING OF THE DOGS is based on research and interviews and explores a topic that could hardly be more current: the influence of algorithms on the Internet on a person, a family, a society and ultimately on free democracy.
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Michael Alexander Müller (Autor/in)