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The Stralau village church, consecrated in 1464, has experienced many church activities in its eventful history, both by the residents of Stralau and the surrounding villages and the capital Berlin.

But only from 1723, with the beginning of Jacob Schmidt's church register, is more concrete known. However, the famous cantor by Nikolai Johannes Crüger left his mark here. The limestone baptism dates from times before the church was built, but is said to have originally been at home in Stralau.

At the beginning of the 18th century, many wealthy Berliners built their summer houses here and thus had a significant influence on the development of the village. This can still be read from the panels for the organ gallery from 1721.

Let yourself be surprised by what the church book tells, about baptisms and godparents and weddings. Names like Poebst and Margrave Christian of Brandenburg-Schwedt, of slaves and mayors of Berlin, Tübbekes and Krachts and many more. connect with this village church.

  • Meeting point: at the Stralau village church, Tunnelstraße 5-11
  • City Guide: Dr. Uwe Nübel
  • Cost: €12

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