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Bang On Festival is an accessible and inclusive festival initiated by FLINTA with a diverse line-up.  

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Bang On Festival Berlin

The festival returns to its pre-COVID festival format in a big way in 2022! With a jam-packed line-up of local and emerging music acts. For the first time ever, the festival will expand to two full days and feature a new afterparty in collaboration with the Sunday Institute Collective. 

After two consecutive years of Bang On hosting a limited capacity outdoor concert series, the two-day festival will take place in the accessible Marie-Antoinette and Fitzroy venues this autumn (30 September - 1 October 2022). As always, Bang On presents a wide range of musical styles and focuses on inclusion, with a particular commitment to FLTQI and BIPOC artists.  

More on the line-up: The 2022 festival will focus on Berlin-based South African artist Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, gritty cinematic pop act Odd Beholder and producer collaboration Zoom Zoom Rentals. Alongside a line-up of hot post-punk, mutant hip-hop, thick bass and crunchy beats, this year's festival will also feature two brand new artists. The tongue-in-cheek duo Baby Smith will make their Berlin debut at Bang On, and non-binary artist TheOtherWithin will present the melancholic, experimental tracks to a live audience for the first time. 

Also new in 2022 is the afterparty cooperation between Bang On and Sonntagsinstitut Kollektiv. The music and event collective is bringing its signature party crew, including Prozecca and THF Radio regular Ronja, with plenty of club tunes, riot grrl punk and 90s pop.
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Marie-Antoinette im S-Bahn-Bogen Nr. 47
Marie-Antoinette im S-Bahn-Bogen Nr. 47