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Special Edition

BadassBassBombardement is the legendary sound world of resident DJ VELA and also a kick-ass DJ set par excellence as a special edition by participants from various FLINTA+ collectives.

Open Air and in Eschschloraque!

With guest DJs and their "tunes for the queer folks of Berlin's underground".

BadassBassBombardment – Special Edition

  • Schatten Voraus: Co-founder of the Dis/Tanz and Trash Me collectives, post punk, dark wave, new wave
  • LaKrús has been around as an organizer in Berlin for a long time, is a founding member of Prizm Berlin and likes to be a guest at Mensch Meier or Jonny Knüppel, disco/house
  • VELA: Resident DJ and founder of BadassBassBombardement in Eschschloraque; such as contributors to Fuck Your Gender or the Autopoiesis series, TechHouse
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