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As part of the inclusive Babel Day 2023, diskoBABEL e.V. offers a wide range of workshops on its premises, including dance, graffiti and the creation of light installations. Visitors can expect live music, DJ performances, circus performances, a hands-on circus for children, interactive installations and, above all, a wealth of opportunities for discovery.

The event is designed and presented jointly by people with and without disabilities.

The workshops are held in German and English.

Since 2018, diskoBABEL e.V. has served as an urban experimental field for the realization of independent and non-commercial art and culture. A temporary joint project is being created on the site of the former Greifswalder Straße freight station, in which they question established social norms and routines through a variety of artistic forms of expression.
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  • parking spot
  • wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Conditionally wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Parking for people with disabilities
The venue is conditionally barrier-free. The site is mostly wheelchair accessible. All stages and workshop spaces are wheelchair accessible via paths and ramps. However, access to the site is an unpaved path. We have organized mobility aids for this should it be necessary.

There is one Finizo accessible toilet, and two Toi Toi (Semi Accessible) toilets.