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los little guys / sam pratt & amadi baye washington

short duet for a lonely gentlemen - los little guys: this work is a fast paced and incredibly detailed snapshot of an endlessly repeating story. trapped in cycles of aggression and loneliness, two men reshuffle and rationalize their hopelessness, lust and pride into anger over and over again. underneath layers of clothing, they are aware of how naked they feel.

performers: erik elizondo & dimitri kalaitzidis



sam pratt & amadi baye washington

conceived as a duet between the two dancers, "hothouse" unfolds within a large plexiglass

structure originally designed as a response to the epidemiological hurdles presented by the

pandemic. brought to vivid life through baye & asa’s physicality and paired with an original score

by julian pratt and harlan steed of celebrated punk band show me the body, the enclosed stage

becomes a narratively adaptable canvas, transforming into a medical isolation unit, a prison cell, a

church, and a building on fire throughout the performance. "hothouse" is a commentary on

confinement - one that acknowledges covid-19’s role in unmasking the greater systemic failures

of america.

performers: sam pratt & amadi baye washington

original score by julian pratt and harlan steed
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