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victor rottier / christina mertzani / akira yoshida

distant smile - victor rottier - "this project is dedicated to the subject of recognition. it will be a collaborative set-up in which we will share and apply tools to support the creative process. our time should cover all aspects of a creation, therefore space will be given for exploration and the development of ideas. i see great value in that which each person brings to the process and want those qualities to flourish within the work. my physical approach will include aspects of my workshops, focussing on continuation of movement, attack and the distribution of energy throughout. these principles will set a foundation for a physical and theatrical approach and will be applied when working on duets, solos, or text. this desire for recognition is rooted in our need for social acceptance and validation, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways, differently for each individual. during the process, we will look at the lengths to which we go to be seen for the person that we are, whilst focussing on individuality within a group."


apotypoma b12 - christina mertzani

"explore the fire within you. apotypoma b12 is inspired by the topic of diversity. christina wants to create a dance theatre performance that will negotiate the conceptual dimensions of acceptance, integration and, consequently, respect for diversity. behind christina’s approach lies a constant of self-questioning about how the body can keep experiences and how this is influencing the body in how we stand, how we dance and how we present ourselves. she find it an opportunity to revisit history and emotions, bringing to light aspects of ourselves and history that seem to be relevant today. each artist can bring his/her/their experiences from different countries with different cultural/ social backgrounds and histories which will enrich this project. this work will be performed by dancers/ performers who dare to be different. in the project we will present the results of our artistic research as a group, as well as individuals, on the reflection of what diversity is, what similarity is from the prism of what is socially acceptable, in relation to colour, origin, sexual orientation, religion, political views or social perceptions, and much more. we will draw material from personal experiences and stories of other people we have come across. this exciting project will thrill and inspire you, as well as support, expand and refine our craft."


what should we do? - akira yoshida

"the performance project will be divided into different sections. there will be a part in which we will research and create based on some of the physicalities that i have been researching since i started dancing. this physical section will evolve into finding a context and editing the material, so that it speaks inside of the frame of characters and situations, always finding an intention and context. in that sense, we will go from the pure body to the characters. another section will be about messing up. i always find messing up important; to allow ourselves to find without any fear of doing it well or not. from some improvisation tasks, we will find little bits of gold that will create the bones of the work. my work always starts with intuition rather than a very well-established idea. i trust the intuition as a source, to let the body and soul speak with honesty, and as the process moves on, we will understand what it is that is being created in constant dialogue between the group, the individual's dynamics and personal tools, and me."

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victor rottier

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