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Trio sans rigueur

"Trio sans rigueur" is a musical term that comes from French. Literally translated, it means "trio without rigor". This interpretation leaves plenty of room for individual expression and improvisation for the trio performing today.

With Trio sans rigueur

  • Oboe: Takahiro Watanabe
  • cello: Nina Monné,
  • Piano: Wataru Hirase )

Performed Works:

  • L.V.Beethoven / Piano Trio in B flat major, Op.11 "Gassenhauer Trio"
  • John Corigliano / The Food of Love for Cello & Oboe
  • M. Glinka / Trio Pathetique
  • Nadia Boulanger / Trios Pieces (1914)
  • Francis Poulenc / Trio

Admission is free, donations are requested