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Danced touch

"aus ein an der" is a piece that deals with interpersonal relationships in a universal way and is moving at the pulse of time right now due to the topicality of the pandemic. It's about wanting to be touched, feeling, rejecting and being rejected. Touch is the central theme of the piece, which the dancers approach in different ways:

They show touch, they make it audible and perceptible for the audience. The piece illuminates the isolated, lonely moments that arise in a digitized, self-centered, pandemic-stricken society. The dancers represent relationships of three and four, which develop into a performance full of tension and tearing through tender touches and glances. "aus ein an der" is a poetic piece that works with strong images, but also offers light humorous moments.

The performance of the four dancers is accompanied by live music by the exceptionally diverse musician Andreas Tentschert.

"aus ein an der", a dance piece by Emmanuelle Vinh, member of the choreographer collective OFFTANZ from Innsbruck.

Additional information
Participating artists
Michael Gabriel Gross
Kamil Mateusz Mrozowski
Clarissa Omiecienski
Emmanuelle Vinh
Andreas Tentschert
Betty Pester