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With works by Oleksandra Bienert - Natalia Bronny - Jennifer Haberland - Werner Helgemeir - Anja Maier - Dominik Maringer - Kristina Popov - Ph. Rudolph - Isabel Schröer - Thomas Wagner

Is it possible to use photography as a means to get to the core of something, to actually look through? According to Roland Barthes, the answer is no. We may merely let our gaze “wander over the serene surface of objects”. Still, ten seminar participants of the Ostkreuzschule tried their best to capture the essence of being. For more than a year, they dove into the art of portrait photography under the guidance of Ostkreuz photographer Ina Schoenenburg. The result of ten works shows deep, and at times intimate, insights about the nature of humanity today.

- Studio 1
- Vernissage 29.9.2022, 7 pm
- Free of charge