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Chanson evening with the duo lola.gelb

An evening about escape, curiosity, adventure, not wanting to get enough, the search for happiness and identity in the here and now. An evening about the major social issues and the very intimate and personal questions about life that you can't ask yourself often enough. In the course of the programme, which also makes guest appearances at the Staatstheater Cottbus and the Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau, it becomes emotional, (too) deep and subtle, rousing and over-the-top.

Enjoy music by Kurt Weill, Georg Kreisler, Hildegard Knef, Theo Mackeben, Friedrich Hollaender and Edith Piaf, among others! And discover the lola.yellow duo! Because lola.yellow is a feeling of home, a feeling of freedom.

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Anika Paulick
Michelle Bernard