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Best Friends Forever - or not?

On a deserted central island, Mira lives like a hermit with home-grown tomatoes. However, her former best friend Caro really wants to use this place for a party. And then there's Max, who's supposed to build parking lots right here. All three dream of a better and fairer world. For this dream to become a reality, however, they must first overcome their own conflicts...

Not only does it have to be negotiated as to what will become of the central island - there is also the question of how a broken friendship can be healed.
Additional information
Participating artists
Katrin F. Bischof (Kostümbild)
Iana Boitcova (Lichtedesign)
Evi Filippou (Einstudierung Percussion/Rhythmus)
Daniel Koch (Regie)
Louisa M. Koch (Bühnenmalerei Blumen)
Tina Kovalski (Videodesign)
Dorit Linke (Autorin)
Radu Nagy (Musik)
Marco Riedel (Ausstattung)
Dirk Thiele (Bühnenbild)
Darja Ajvazović
Maja Zećo
Yannick Niehoff