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Key references for Sculpting Inside are landscape, the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, Black metal. A.Slota and F.Feigl hiked in the Tatra/Poland, the Elbsandsteingebirge at the border to Czech Republic, at the Baltic sea. Slota cultivates nettles, Feigl digs out a root. The performance has begun times ago.

Supported by visual artist Hanna Kritten Tangsoo Slota and Feigl present objects, sounds pieces and durational performances. The installation will be activated with the metal bands Nashmeh and Sun Worship, the opera singer Heather Green, the turntabelsit Joke Lanz, the musicians Lars Ennsen, Robert Fisk and Felix Müller.

The single presentations are fragments of the larger work which only shows in its parts. Presentations will happen at three different venues accompagnied by changing sets of the mentioned musicians. How does landscape get into the venues, what manipulations do the various elements need to undergo to enter, where does space end and bodies start, what is the beginning of landscape and what is devising who?

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